Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why i love Oblivion

I recently took a break from my favorite electronic crack ( World of Warcraft) once I realized how much i've been playing. Now with all this free time I was going to start getting in shape and socializing more, but instead I picked up Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Wow was that a bad idea.

I should have known that I'd end up sitting in front of my computer for hours, these are the same people that sucked me in with Fallout 3. Sure it's a few years old and the graphics are starting to look old compaired to newer titles but the do whatever gameplay makes up for it. I started out as a sneaky rogue but that didn't suit me so I started bashing people with a giant hammer while hurling fire balls. Morally I was aiming to be a hereo but since I became a vampire assasin I've been roleplaying up the evilness. Ooh and if you're every sneaky you can pucnk a deer in the ass and kill it Now I'm not sure if this makes a game good or not but I have to it sure puts this game high on the list.

-- Fatgod on the go

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